Strictly: Starters

So this is it, the first official post in my shiny new Singapore blog, from my first night in Singapore!

Some free wine and interestingly flavoured pretzels to calm my flight nerves.

I fully intended to publish this one before I left the UK but, unsurprisingly, that didn’t go so well. If I had done I would have written some stuff along the lines of: “I will not vom on the plane, no one likes projectile in a confined space.” and “I hope there are some decent films to while away my journey.” Well, I didn’t chuck (result!) and the entertainment system on the plane was down so there was absolutely nothing to watch or do, which was brilliant. Not. I also learned that it is so not worth doing a stopover. Traipsing off a plane and through a rickety old security shed before sitting in the departures lounge of Ho Chi Minh airport at what my body was telling me was 2am was not fun, and the 2 hour plane journey from there to Singapore was even worse. Life lesson: just fly direct, it’s so much less hassle.

All airports look the same. Seriously. This is Vietnam, but it could easily be Gatwick on a sunny day.

But now I’m here, and I’ve managed to sleep through my entire first afternoon, meaning that I have nothing at all to report. I’m not entirely sure whereabouts I am, although there’s a lovely main road outside my hotel window which is really selling Singapore to me. I also unfortunately forgot to bring any tea bags, meaning that the only thing I have to drink is something ominously named ‘instant tea mix’. Safe to say I can’t even bring myself to open the packet, let alone ingest what’s inside it.

Just no


Hopefully things will pick up tomorrow, or at least I’ll find out where to get some breakfast.

The chocolate reindeer travelled thousands of miles relatively unscathed only to be eaten in 40 seconds flat.

Leah out X


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