Strictly: Shop & Dine

It’s Chinese New Year in Singapore (and in the rest of the world, obviously) and to mark the occasion I not only got a holiday but I also entertained two visitors in the form of Christie and Tom, stopping in Singapore to say hi on their way to Bali. Having guests gave me the perfect excuse […]

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Strictly: Southern Ridges

I was flying solo this weekend and decided that this presented the perfect opportunity to embark on an ambitious outing. Pocket travel guide in hand I scoured its pages for ideas of things to do that didn’t cost any money and where I was unlikely to have to interact with real people (I mean, who wants […]

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Strictly: Seveeeeeeeeen

To any of you out there who are particularly good at maths I know you will, at this moment, be thinking ‘hang on one second, this is post number 8, not 7’. And you are right. But eight doesn’t start with an ‘s’, and before this post there were only seven on the blog. So […]

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