Strictly: Singapura

Now, I know that I have been overwhelming the interweb with posts recently, my sightseeing bonanza created a bit of a backlog, but I’m nearly caught up now so it should go back down to the regular amount very shortly – phew. This weeks trip was to the National Museum of Singapore, a place I […]

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Strictly: Sewing

Bare with me for the moment, because here and now we are going off the track that this blog usually takes. You’ve been used to adventurous trips and crazy locals, but let me tell you, my life isn’t all fun and games my friends. Oh no. I work, far too much of the time if […]

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Strictly: Sentosa

Our mammoth week of sightseeing finally came to an end (sort of) on Friday when we took a trip out to Singapore’s playground, the island of Sentosa. I hear far too much about Sentosa in my day-to-day life, mainly because there’s an aquarium and Universal Studios on the island which all the kids are obsessed […]

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Strictly: Sojourning

You’ll be very pleased to know that we’re nearly at the end of our week of extreme sightseeing. We’ve had long walks, weird animals and the craziness of Chinese New Year so far. Tomorrow (I think) we will be finishing off with a sojourn to Sentosa, but before we get there we’ve got another sojourn […]

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Strictly: Sights – Volume #3

I know it’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything but, believe it or not, we’re still firmly in the week of back-to-back sightseeing and, unfortunately for you, dear reader, we’re only at Wednesday. Luckily for everyone I don’t think this will take too long. Wednesday day was a quiet affair, punctuated only with […]

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