Strictly: Siem Reap – Part #1

Australia done, it’s time to begin the Asian leg of my adventure. In classic South East Asian backpacker style I’m doing the Cambodia – Vietnam – Thailand – Myanmar route and looking forward to all the eating I’m going to be doing. Stop one, for the first fortnight, is Cambodia and it also marks the […]

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Strictly: Straya – Part #3

Last post I promised you a plague of locusts, and so here it is, a plague of locusts. Swag camping night 3 and we’d travelled a few hours from Uluru to Kings Creek Station. Already I liked Kings Creek a lot more, there weren’t any ants, it wasn’t (quite) as hot and our kitchen area didn’t […]

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Strictly: Straya – Part #2

The Outback leg of my tour was, by far, the craziest leg, and could also be referred to as ‘the 4am leg’ or ‘the plague of locusts leg’, but we’ll get onto that. The Outback proper starts just after the town of Quorn and we were all pretty excited when we rolled over that invisible […]

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Strictly: Straya – Part #1

My Australian experience so far has been pretty tame, lots of lazy mornings and days spent exploring at a glacial pace. So, as you can imagine, joining my G Adventures tour, going from Melbourne up through the Red Centre to Darwin was more than a bit of a shock to the system. Our first full […]

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