Strictly: Street Food

Somehow I managed to visit Bangkok a ridiculous number of times during my trip. I ended up there for a night between Australia and Cambodia, two days between Hanoi and Mandalay and for four days before starting my Thailand and Malaysia G Adventures tour. For the fact that I was there so much I really […]

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Strictly: Sunrise

After spending a mind boggling six hours in Hanoi airport (and, believe me, it’s not an airport that’s worth six hours of your time) I finally arrived in Bangkok ready to meet Lorna. Even though this was my second trip to Bangkok I still managed to see and do exactly the same amount of stuff […]

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Strictly: Sailing to Sapa

I don’t know how, but I managed to survive the craziness of Hanoi. To be quite honest it’s a miracle I survived Vietnam at all, I was convinced those roads would kill me. But I did and I did, and with Hanoi in the bag it was time to head off to Halong Bay. The […]

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Strictly: Stray – Part #2

I was really sad to leave Hoi An, especially after all we’d managed to pack into our few days there, but hopping back on the bus meant exploring new towns and seeing the North of Vietnam which was exciting enough to drag me away from my new favourite city. The first stop after Hoi An was […]

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Strictly: Stray – Part #1

With Niki returned to Singapore, and my stomach in full protest over something I fed it, it was time to join my Stray Asia tour from Ho Chi Minh up to Hanoi. Unlike most organised tours, Stray offers a hop-on, hop-off service complete with a guide. Basically, you buy a pass that covers the bus […]

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